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About Cyberbully.Watch

Cyberbully.Watch is an online utility designed for parents, educators, law enforcement, and lawyers to help combat the ever-changing world of bullying and to fight back against the predatory use of photos on the internet. Through advanced machine learning based, artificial intelligence, and image facial recognition technology; we are taking a stand against the improper distribution of personal and private images online by unscrupulous persons.

We give you a better option to fight back against these online predators and revenge seeking bullies, making it easier to identify and begin the process to have these photos removed from as many sources as possible.

Our Spiders
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Teenage Girls Face Being Digitally Scanned For Facial Recognition

Our product uses new cloud-based serverless architecture along with 20+ years of experience to power the spidering of hundreds of thousands of pages a day, along with hundreds of millions of images processed into our system. In the fight against cyberbullying we need to be able to cover vasts amounts of ground across the web quickly and efficiently, our team is dedicated to providing the best experience we can for those who may for whatever reason need our services.

We utilize new and time tested methods of facial recognition to construct and expand our database of millions of unique persons, including millions of photos sourced from an ever-growing list of known sources of revenge porn, unauthorized image sharing, dating websites, social media accounts, and sites that use other peoples photos as their own for less than legitimate purposes.

Facial Recognition
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Facial Recognition Graphic With Biometric Scan Display
Our powerful facial recognition software compares millions of images a day.
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    Millions of individual persons sourced, continuously improving accuracy.
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    Images gathered from "revenge pornography" and fake profiles on online dating websites to protect users from maliciously-intended sharing.
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    Detects unauthorized image sharing so that images may be removed.
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    Allows users to see when their photos are being used after being inappropriately altered and distributed.
Safety Pledge
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The Personal Safety of Our Users is our #1 Goal
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    Access to content is only granted to verified & authorized users
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    Credentialed LEO or Bar Certified Lawyers ONLY
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    Tools are safe-guarded against use for nefarious purposes
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    Hacker Proof system
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