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Cybercrime Investigators
About for Investigators provides parents and educators a free basic search tool that allows them to upload a photo of their child and return a basic report. This report gives the user a summary count of how many possible persons we matched to the submitted photograph along with the number of pictures we detected for these person(s).

Verified investigator accounts will be provided with a secure Windows based desktop application that is custom configured to login to your investigator account protected behind our VPN. Without this software you will not be able to login to your investigator account.

Investigator accounts are available to both law enforcement agencies and practicing attorneys. The tools we provide are equal in power for both types of agencies and there is no difference between the lawyer and police versions. Your agency must signup for a paid account with which is billed monthly. Additionally, there are per-report charges. For confidentially reasons we do not publish our pricing online. For more information please fill out the contact form below.


For security reasons the LOCKED report will only return the photograph the user supplied during their initial search. Our system does not leak data from our database and will not return any photos until the user is verified and the case is unlocked by an investigator.



The Case Number provided by the parent or educator will be presented to the investigator for verification. If the investigator agrees this user is the correct parent or guardian of the victim, the investigator may purchase the full report. This report gives thumbnails of each photo-detected along with a link to the actual webpage the photograph was discovered on. If for some reason, the user's submitted photo matched to multiple persons within our system, the Case Report will return with multiple Person IDs and complete galleries for each possible match. You may then mark any incorrect matches or merge persons if needed.

A full report will also show the number of photos detected on each site we index. This list of sites is not inclusive of everything we index, only the locations where a photo matched your search. Our full proprietary site list is much more extensive than displayed and is classified.


(Sample report with simulated results using professional model stock photography. Actual reports vary.)

Information for Law Enforcement

As police detectives you know cyber-predators are becoming more and more sophisticated every day. They use stolen profile pictures as bait photos in their catfishing attacks. Many times a pervert will use stolen photographs of an attractive teenage boy and build an online profile claiming they are that male to females in chat. After building up a rapport with a young lady, they will try to convince the victim to send explicit photographs of themselves to the perpetrator. Once the victim gives in and sends the first photo, they are blackmailed into sending additional images. Using, you can track down abusive uses of photographs being used on online profile pages, social media accounts, dating websites, and more. Many times these webpages were created by the perpetrator in an attempt to attract more victims.

You can track down revenge pornography posts of victims within your jurisdiction, giving you searching abilities previously not available and thus allowing you to quickly track down previously unknown illegal uses of a victim's photographs.

Information for Lawyers

As a lawyer you can now provide the same level of services to your paying clients as the local police departments. With these tools you are able to assist your clients in tracking down URLs with the victim's photos and combine this data into DMCA takedown notices or complaints filed against a defendant on behalf of your client.

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