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We know social media safety, and sexting can be a touchy subject to discuss with students and parents. The fact is photos initially intended for a close audience of friends can be stolen or otherwise shared online leading to online embarrassment and infliction of emotional pain. Online predators can abuse even seemingly innocent family photos at the beach.

Our tools search the internet day and night to find abusive posts of your student's photographs and helps investigators track down online predators and revenge-seeking bullies. helps you as an educator to encourage teens and their parents to sit down and take back their privacy and safety online. We provide free resources for you and your school online, including sample letters you may send home to parents.

We invite you to give our system a try and let us know what you think.

We have over 109.94 million photographs of 4.09 million people digitized into our facial recognition-based search engine. That is nearly 1 in every 10 persons aged 10-19 living in the United States can be found in our data. Are your students some of these persons?

Our data represent the individuals we found on public "ex-girlfriend" blogs, hacked omegle/periscope/ accounts, pedophile operated 'teen girl and teen boy' sites, fake social media accounts, and other random websites.

Inspirational stories how can work with your students to take back their lives.

Rachel's Story
Rachel outdoors
Meghan's Story
Meghan outdoors
Elijah's Story
Elijah outdoors
Natalie's Story
Natalie high school jacket outdoors
Jessica's Story
Jessica Looks Distraught In Front Of A Brick Wall
Additional Resources

For years many educators, school boards, and others have tried to come up with a single solution that can put an end to cyberbullying. Unfortunately, there is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution; thankfully, there are a series of steps educators can take into consideration. To be effective, parents must be brought in on the discussion, and this unity between educator, parent, and student is needed to strengthen the effectiveness of any actions taken at school.

To make things easier for schools, we have prepared a Microsoft Word document you may use as a template letter you may send home to parents explaining Cyberbullying and ways to combat it.

Safe & Secure Social Media by SecureTribe

Prevention Is The Best Defense For Photo Theft recommends parents, students, and educators use SecureTribe; a modern photo and video sharing social network designed from the ground up with end-to-end encryption that allows you to securely share select pieces of your life with carefully controlled groups of friends.

Users create groups, or "Tribes" and control access to who can see the posts. You can upload unlimited photos to an infinite number of Tribes for FREE with the comfort knowing your personal information is always safe from hackers.

Your uploads are visible ONLY to the friends and family you authorize.

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Statistics used for illustrative purposed. Persons in our data range in ages and do not necessarily correspond with age groups used for illustrative purposes.

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