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My Story

Inspirational stories how could work with you to take back your life.

Rachel's Story
Rachel outdoors
Meghan's Story
Meghan outdoors
Elijah's Story
Elijah outdoors
Natalie's Story
Natalie high school jacket outdoors
Jessica's Story
Jessica Looks Distraught In Front Of A Brick Wall

Are your photos being abused online? Find out for FREE!

Startling Facts About Revenge Porn
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    Revenge Pornography knows no cultural boundaries. Male, female, black, white, straight, gay, it does not matter. This is a human problem.
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    12% of teenagers claimed they had been pressured by partners to share naked images.
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    26% of teenagers have been a victim of online rumors about their sexual behavior.
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    23% of teens surveyed knew of someone secretly taking sexual pictures of another person and sharing them online.
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CyberBullying Book Strategies To Battle The Hidden Threat To Todays School Children "My Story" are fictional representations demonstrating how the system works. Any similarities to real world persons was non-intentional.

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