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My Story: Jessica

How a Total Stranger Changed Her Life Forever

This is Jessica's story . . .
Jessica Looking Distraught

Jessica is a recent college graduate from a prestigious American university with a degree in journalism. Graduating top of her class summa cum laude getting a job should be easy for her. As she began hitting the streets looking for employment, a ghost from her past came back to bite her.

A few years ago during the infamous "iCloud fappening hacks," online hackers stole thousands of photographs from hundreds of victims and posted them publically online. Because of an easily guessable password on her iCloud account, Jessica was also a victim

Included in the dump of photos were a few nude "selfie" photos taken in her bathroom mirror she saved on her iPhone five or six years ago. In fact, she took these photos so long ago; she completely forgot they were even in her photo library. She never shared them with anyone, yet now the entire world can see them.

While there were only four individual photos, they were shared countless times and posted across the internet; along with her twitter handle, Instagram user, and her full name. In total there were nearly 1,000 copies of her stolen nude photos online.

When someone searches for her name on google, hundreds of blog posts showing her nude photos are displayed under captions like "Sexy college reporter Jessie exposed." Potential employers doing their due diligence are discovering these photos and deciding not to interview her.

With the assistance of, Jessica was able to work with her lawyer to send DMCA takedown notices to remove her pictures from hundreds of websites.

Jessica Standing In Front Of A Wall
Key Takeaways

In a new world of online hackers and increased needs for security, even someone who has been extremely careful could find themselves in a compromising situation. Photos can follow you around the web for years if not addressed, and that's just what Cyberbully.Watch is trying to do.

This story goes to show that even if you have never actually sent a nude photograph of yourself, your privacy could still be affected.

Startling Facts About Revenge Porn
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    Revenge Pornography knows no cultural boundaries. Male, female, black, white, straight, gay, it does not matter. This is a human problem.
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    12% of teenagers claimed they had been pressured by partners to share naked images.
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    26% of teenagers have been a victim of online rumors about their sexual behavior.
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    23% of teens surveyed knew of someone secretly taking sexual pictures of another person and sharing them online.
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CyberBullying Book Strategies To Battle The Hidden Threat To Todays School Children "My Story" are fictional representations demonstrating how the system works. Any similarities to real world persons was non-intentional.

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