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My Story: Meghan

How a girl's fun online hobby turned into a real life nightmare.

This is Meghan's story . . .
Meghan outdoors

Meghan is a gifted and highly intelligent 12-year old living in Upstate New York, and for her birthday, she was given a brand new iPhone X. She loved this phone and all of the cool apps she could use. Having her own phone made her feel more mature and more like the woman she was becoming instead of the child she still was.

One of her favorite apps was an online social media live-streaming video service that allowed her to build star points. These stars or "diamonds" as they were referred to in the app could be converted into real-world money.

Using this app, she could live-stream herself and allow her friends and even strangers to watch her and "tip" her. Her first videos were simple and mostly involved her talking to people as they watched her do her homework. She would occasionally earn a few stars, but nothing much. Then one day, a random man asked her to lift her shirt and flash him. She knew she shouldn't do this, but figured "what's the harm?" She flashed him her bra and instantly received positive feedback from her audience. After some encouragement, she followed the directions of her audience and took off her shirt and bra, finishing the video out topless. She received numerous kudos and earned about $2 of real-world money.

Meghan was not very popular in school, and she enjoyed the attention of the guys online calling her beautiful. She also saw the potential to earn money so she could buy things she wanted. She did not want any of her friends from school to see this; so she created a new username and told a few of the guys that liked her what her new secret account was. Over the coming months, she would become more and more comfortable in front of the camera and would live stream daily.

One night, unexpectantly her mother Sarah walked into her room and caught Meghan live streaming in the nude. Sarah took Meghan's phone away from her and set up an appointment with a family counselor. The counselor recommended involving law enforcement due to Meghan's age.

Law enforcement used to search the dark web for photos of Meghan. They were shocked to find many of her live streams were secretly recorded, including multiple videos of her in the bathtub and other various stages of nudity. These recordings and photos of her were posted to multiple online pedophile run website that targets underage girls.

Law enforcement investigators were able to get the explicit content of Meghan removed from these websites and also opened multiple criminal investigation cases.

Meghan outdoors
Key Takeaways

It is important to note here that while Meghan did willingly live stream herself in various sexual poses for men online, she never intended for them to be recorded and redistributed online. She is a minor and was not mentally nor legally capable of making such decisions about herself. These adult men exploited her.

She is the victim and should be treated as such. Nobody deserves to be disrespected and treated like this.

Startling Facts About Revenge Porn
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    Revenge Pornography knows no cultural boundaries. Male, female, black, white, straight, gay, it does not matter. This is a human problem.
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    Almost a third (31%) have seen people their own age creating fake profiles in order to share sexual images, comments or messages.
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    31% of girls aged 13-17 have been targeted with unwanted sexual attention, compared with 11% of boys.
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    23% of teens surveyed knew of someone secretly taking sexual pictures of another person and sharing them online.
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